My Experience at the Fat Attack Boot Camp in East Grinstead

Laughing woman in gray T shirtDAY 3 FAT ATTACK

We woke up early at around 10 to five so were were ready for the knock. I was first in the bathroom! We rushed downstairs did my usual 4k as opposed to everyone else’s 6-10k. Hey, I wasn’t risking another asthma attack. Then the sun came out, AGAIN. So I had to withdraw from the rest of the day. I was so disappointed but they had wall climbing planned which was outside again and my skin couldn’t take any more punishment. I could have done with another Body Combat class!


Still there was a talk from Marie-Claire Wilson on BioSignatures to look forward to, which had been rescheduled from the previous day, that I went to. This was really interesting. It talked about how our modern diets are designed for our bodies and that we should be eating more like our ancestors did.

Her main argument was that we should be eating naturally and well and that we shouldn’t be calorie counting. One of the things she said was that if a food has more than 5 ingredients then we probably shouldn’t be eating it. What surprised me most in the talk was when she said soya was bad. This sounded strange to me as I’d read research that said it was beneficial but taking into context the rest of her talk, it is to do with the oestrogen in the bean. Who knew?

I had my 1-2-1 with her and I found it useful, she gave me some suggestions tailored to me, which I am grateful for.

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