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Greetings from the endlessly damp but occasionally magical shores of Wales! Yep, that’s where I call home. Ever wondered where dragons go for a holiday? Well, sometimes they drop by our hills. And the weather? Let’s just say it’s a never-ending topic, mostly because it’s always raining.

In my attempts to dodge the Welsh drizzle (an art form, really), I’ve written a bunch of stuff. Helpful guides like A Simpler Guide to Gmail and A Simpler Guide to Calibre. I love helping people, but my heart yearns for the stuff you can’t quite see—magic blending with reality, ancient ghosts whispering secrets through time, strange colonies in outer space. My stories, like Children of the Elementi and Accidental Immortal, are all about wild adventures, occasional dragon mishaps, and a fair bit of peril thrown in for good measure.

And if you’re into ghostly romances, I’ve dipped my toes into those shadowy waters too. Check out Whispers of the Past for a taste of love beyond the grave. Spectres, romance… you get the picture!

In my day-to-day, when I’m not scribbling or dodging raindrops, I escape into the fantastical worlds spun by fellow fantasy and sci-fi wordsmiths. Plus, there’s the occasional movie binge—got to keep things balanced, right? There’s something utterly delightful about a hot cuppa and a story that whisks you off to galaxies far, far away or ancient lands lost in time. Yep, I’m a geek.

So, fancy joining me on this whirlwind adventure? Grab a cuppa, cosy up, and let’s dive into the magic together.

Catch you in the pages.

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Children of the Elementi Cover

Children of the Elementi

A Simpler Guide to Calibre

A Simpler Guide to Calibre

Gmail Guide Cover

A Simpler Guide to Gmail 5th Edition

Forget me not password book

Forget Me Not Disguised Password Book

Accidental Immortal ebook cover

Accidental Immortal Novel

Scarily hard sudoku

Scarily Hard Sudoku: 200+ Hard Level Sudoku

Pocket week to view diaries for the academic year 2024-2025

Pocket Week to View Diaries 2024-2025 | 9 Designs

Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossom

Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossom Disguised Password and Address Book

Puzzle Pandemonium

Puzzle Pandemonium Vol 1: 100 Family Puzzles

Ancient Greeks Puzzle Book Cover

What Did the Ancient Greeks Ever Do for Us? Puzzle Book

Fiendishly Fun Sudoku

Fiendishly Fun Sudoku Vol 1: 200+ Super Easy to Medium Level Sudoku and Symdoku

Flowers and kittens password book

Flowers and Kittens Disguised Password Book

Pawsitively Puppies Password Journal

Paws-itively Puppies Disguised Password Book

All medium sized diaries for 2024-2025

2024-2025 Academic Weekly Diaries | 9 Designs

Claude Monet Morning on the Seine Password Book

Claude Monet Morning on the Seine Password Book

Claude Monet Water Lilies Password book

Claude Monet Water Lilies Disguised Password Journal

IRL Recipe Database cover

IRL Recipe Database: 100 Page Blank Cookbook to Record Your Fave Recipes (Blank Cookbooks) Paperback – May 2, 2019

A Second Chance at Love Password Book

A Second Chance at Love Disguised Password Book

Blooming Marvellous Password Book

Blooming Marvellous Disguised Password Book

Crochet Patterns password book cover

Love Crochet? Crochet Patterns Password Book

Email Management Using Gmail in paperback

Email Management Using Gmail Paperback

Whispers of the Past cover

Whispers of the Past Paranormal Romance Novel

Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise

Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise

Big weekly diary covers for 2024-2025

2024-2025 Big Academic Week to View Diaries | 9 Designs

Periodic Table of Elements Password Book

Periodic Table of Elements Password Book

Claude Monet Sunrise

Claude Monet Sunrise Disguised Password Journal

Mind Games Short Story

Mind Games Short Story

Knitting for Beginners Disguised Password Book

Knitting for Beginners Disguised Password Book

Classic Christmas Word Search Cover

Classic Christmas Word Search: 100 Themed Puzzles for Adults to Get Into the Christmas Mood

Blank Family Recipes Cookbook Recipe Journal

Family Recipes Blank Cookbook

The Royals Puzzle Book Cover

The Royals Puzzle Book

the law is an ass password book

The Law Is a Ass Disguised Password Book

The Lone Wolf Password book

The Lone Wolf Disguised Password Journal and Address Book

Under the sear Minkie Monster Cover

Under the Sea Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Cover

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Disguised Password Book

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