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  • Fiendishly Fun Sudoku for ages 8+

    I’m new to the whole Sudoku craze. Those boxes just looked way to complicated in the past. But, I’ve started making puzzle books and if I’m making puzzles, well it looks bad if I don’t even know how to complete one. I love them! I don’t know why it took

  • 2023 Diaries for the win!

    The 2023 diaries have been up on Amazon for ages, but I’ve been letting the website down by not updating it with what I’ve actually achieved. According to, the last diaries I did was in 2021. Oops. I promise I did do 2022’s diaries but they went straight on

  • Winter is coming and it aint getting cheaper

    With Putin getting all sabre rattly, gas is getting very expensive in old Blighty. Our bills are astronomical compared to last year and they are only going to get worse. Obviously it’s not just Russian Empire building. We have social inequality rising. The rich as they say are getting richer

Scarily Hard Sudoku

Are you Brave Enough!

Over 200 diffult Sudoku to get your teeth into!

Fiendishly Fun Sudoku

Easy to Medium Level!

The perfect book to take on a journey!


How to use Gmail!

Books on Drive, Gmail and Email Management


Small, Medium & Large

Organize your year with these 2023 diaries.


These books are designed so that they look like novels!


Picture book with puzzles!

Puzzles and story for ages 3-6 years old.


All the books on this site are printed on quality cream or white paper.


If you buy on of my books from, it will be printed in the USA, if bought at, it will be printd in Britain.


Not only is it printed *locally, saving on air miles, the books are only printed when ordered, so there is no need to pulp books or cut down trees unnecessarily.

Children's Books

From Children of the Elementi to picture books with puzzles, there is sure to be something to please the little one in your life.

Simpler Guides

Technical Manuals

Want to know how to set up filters in Gmail or deal with spam? Check out my Simpler Guides!


Something for every taste

Password Books, Diaries and Blank Recipe Books.

T-shirts & Other Gifts

Takes you to RedBubble

Hoodies, T-shirts, homewares and more. My designs on RedBubble!

CC Hughson for Puzzle Books!

CC Hughson is my pen name for all my puzzle books, visit Amazon

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