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Accidental Immortal Novel


Lynsey Walker, an ordinary Londoner thrust into an extraordinary world. In “Accidental Immortal,” Lynsey navigates a mysterious planet where ancient ‘magic’ and futuristic technology intertwine. Forming alliances, confronting power-hungry kings, and unraveling her crucial role in an age-old conflict, Lynsey’s courage is tested in this thrilling blend of portal fantasy and sci-fi adventure. Will she find her way home, or is her destiny irrevocably tied to this alien land? Discover the answer in “Accidental Immortal,” available now on Amazon and other good book stores.

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Accidental Immortal print cover
Accidental Immortal print cover

Welcome to the Realm of the Unexpected!

🌟 Discover “Accidental Immortal,” a riveting blend of portal fantasy and sci-fi adventure that will transport you to a world beyond your wildest dreams! 🌟

Imagine being a typical Londoner, a college student recovering from an illness, and then, in the blink of an eye, your world turns upside down. A single bolt of lightning catapults you into an extraordinary journey on a distant, alien planet. This is the electrifying premise of “Accidental Immortal.”

In this former ancient Egyptian colony, forgotten history and futuristic marvels collide, creating a world where the line between science fiction and fantasy blurs. Our heroine, Lynsey Walker, finds herself in an alien landscape teeming with secrets and hidden dangers.

Guided by a mysterious, disembodied voice, Lynsey navigates through perilous pyramids, forms precarious alliances with cunning assassins and resilient nomads, and confronts a power-hungry king. Her journey is fraught with danger, but she also discovers strength in a band of unlikely allies.

As Lynsey unravels her crucial role in an age-old conflict, she grows stronger, her resolve hardening against the looming shadow of adversaries who seek to harness her powers for their own dark ends. Will she ever find her way back to her own world? Or is her true destiny intertwined with the fate of this ancient land?

Planet of Duat in Accidental Immortal
Planet of Duat in Accidental Immortal

“Accidental Immortal” is a tale of discovery, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. It invites you to journey alongside Lynsey, to explore a world where ancient myths breathe, and the future is an unwritten odyssey of magic and science, waiting to be discovered.

📖 Ready to join Lynsey on her thrilling journey? “Accidental Immortal” is available on Amazon and other good book stores. Don’t miss out on this electrifying adventure that will leave you breathless and yearning for more! 📖

Accidenta; Immortal is available from Amazon and other good book stores.

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