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Accidental Immortal Novel


In “Accidental Immortal,” Lynsey Walker’s life takes an unexpected turn when a lightning strike transports her to a mysterious planet, once an ancient Egyptian colony. Navigating through a world where ancient magic and futuristic technology intertwine, Lynsey allies with nomads, confronts a power-hungry king, and unravels her crucial role in an age-old conflict. This portal fantasy/sci-fi adventure tests her courage in a realm where legends live, and her destiny might be irrevocably tied to a land beyond imagination.
Accidental Immortal print cover
Accidental Immortal print cover

In “Accidental Immortal,” Lynsey Walker’s ordinary life is upended in a flash of lightning, thrusting her into an extraordinary adventure on a distant, enigmatic planet. This former ancient Egyptian colony, now a blend of forgotten history and futuristic marvels, presents a world where the line between science fiction and fantasy blurs.

Lynsey, a young woman with a keen sense of survival, awakens to find herself in an alien landscape, teeming with secrets and hidden dangers. Guided by a mysterious, disembodied voice that echoes in her mind, she embarks on a journey through this uncharted world. Her first challenge is a perilous pyramid, riddled with traps and enigmas that test her wit and will.

She crosses paths with a cunning assassin whose motives are as sharp as his blade. This encounter sets the stage for a precarious alliance, forged in the fires of necessity. Lynsey’s path also intertwines with a tribe of nomads, resilient and proud, who seek to free an ancient dragon bound by mystical chains. This dragon, a majestic and powerful being, holds the key to immortality, its very existence a puzzle that beckons Lynsey.

However, her journey is fraught with perils greater than she could have imagined. Lynsey is captured by a ruthless king, whose thirst for power and control over the planet’s unique resources knows no bounds. She also becomes the target of various factions drawn to her newfound, inexplicable abilities – a byproduct of the same cosmic forces that brought her here.

As Lynsey navigates this treacherous terrain, she finds strength in a band of unlikely allies. Together, they embark on a daring quest, not only for survival but to unravel the threads of an age-old conflict that weaves through the history of this strange world.

The stakes rise when Lynsey learns of her critical role in this interstellar saga. With every challenge, she grows stronger, her resolve hardening against the looming shadow of adversaries who seek to harness her powers for their own dark ends.

Lynsey is faced with the ultimate question: will she ever find her way back to her own world? Or is her true destiny intertwined with the fate of this ancient land, where myths stride alongside mortals and an immortal beast slumbers beneath the sands, holding secrets that could reshape the universe?

“Accidental Immortal” is a tale of discovery, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. It invites readers to journey alongside Lynsey, to explore a world where ancient myths breathe, and the future is an unwritten odyssey of magic and science, waiting to be discovered.

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