How Grumpy Are You?

How grumpy are you?
Grumpiness is a state of mind, obviously, but how grumpy are you? Are you fairly grumpy? That type of grouchiness when you get out of bed and haven’t had your coffee yet. Are you assertive? The type of grumpiness where you are not shouting at people – yet, but you just want to get whatever you are doing done without interruption. Then there’s Cantankerous. The third rating on my scale of 4. People know to avoid you but they know they won’t get their heads ripped off and thrown out the window for asking a question. Finally, are you the Grouch? We are talking the Grinch level of grumpiness. People cross the road in order to avoid you.
There is an easy way to find out.

Take the How Grumpy are you Quiz!

How Grumpy Are You Quiz!

Are you a grouch? Are you a grumpy old man? A curmudgeon? A grumpette? Find out with this fun personality quiz that will measure your grumpiness and rate how grouchy you really are!

Which soup do you prefer?
When someone is talking to you and you don't like what they say, you...
When you see someone you don't like, you…
You are stuck in a line and it's taking too long, you...
How do you react when you lose in a game?
You are in a crowded place and it's making you uncomfortable, you...
When someone compliments you, you…
When someone does something wrong, you…
A friend asks for your opinion and you…
You are offered a free gift, you…
This quiz is just for giggles. I’m not a psychologist or qualified to diagnose anyone’s grumpiness level. If it’s eerily accurate that’s not on me.
Fairly grumpy, Assertives, Cantankerous, and the Grouch are four distinct types of grumps, which manifests in different ways. Each type of grump has its own unique set of characteristics and tactics for dealing with life’s difficulties, and each type of grump can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the situation.

Fairly Grumps

Fairly grumps are those who try to keep their grumpiness to themselves. They don’t lash out or express their frustration and dissatisfaction, instead, they prefer to remain quiet and try to handle their emotions in a more subtle manner. They may not be the most assertive or vocal about their grumpiness, but by keeping it to themselves, Fairly grumps are able to maintain a certain level of balance in their lives.

Assertive grumps

Assertive grumps, on the other hand, are more vocal in expressing their dissatisfaction. They are not afraid to speak up and make their opinions known, even if those opinions are unpopular or controversial. Assertive grumps understand the importance of having their voices heard and actively seek out opportunities to make their opinions known. Additionally, assertive grumps are more likely to take action and push for change instead of settling for the status quo.

Cantankerous grumps

Cantankerous grumps are those who are quick to anger and let their negative emotions take control. These grumps often take out their frustrations on other people, and they may be difficult to deal with at times. Cantankerous grumps may lash out angrily and can be very confrontational, making it difficult to have a conversation with them.

The Grouch

Finally, the grouch is the most extreme type of grump. These grumps often seem to be perpetually grumpy, and they can be difficult to please. Grouches tend to be resentful and bitter and they look for the worst in every situation. They rarely express satisfaction or joy and seem to be constantly on the lookout for something to complain about.
Each of these types of grumps has its own unique set of characteristics and its own strengths and weaknesses. While Fairly grumps may have difficulty expressing themselves, their quiet grumpiness can be a powerful tool. Assertive grumps have the advantage of being able to express their opinions and push for change, but they may have trouble controlling their anger. Cantankerous grumps are quick to express their displeasure, but they may be too confrontational. Finally, grouches may be the most difficult to please, but they can also be surprisingly honest and direct. If you want an honest answer, go to a grouch.
No matter which type of grump you are, understanding your own grumpiness and its effects can help you know yourself better. By recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of grump, you can develop a better understanding of yourself and how to best handle your grumpiness, before you lose your friends, family, job and move to a desert island because no one understands you like sand, sea and surf.