Regal or Rebel: What’s Your Tudor Fashion?

Welcome to the Tudor Fashion Personality Quiz. Learn about a time when fashion expressed one’s status and individuality more than just clothes. Men and women dressed in the newest styles, including silks, velvets, and ruffs. Have you ever pondered which Tudor style best suits your personality? Whether you like opulent silk, pricey velvet, or ruffled dresses, this quiz promises to be an entertaining and enlightening look at your personal Tudor style. Determining your outcome can be a fun approach to discover how your individual style fits with prior fashion trends and establish a connection with the past.

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What Would You Wear in Tudor Times

Discover your best outfit for the Tudor Period.

When attending a grand feast, what would be your choice of accessory?
Your philosophy on fashion is:
What's your go-to statement piece for making an entrance?
How do you react to the latest fashion trends?
Choose a pet that would complement your style:
If you could bring back one Tudor fashion trend, it would be
Your ideal Tudor event to attend would be:

Please take this quiz for the fun it was intended to be. This quiz is for fun and it is for entertainment purposes only.  You are a wonderful, complex person that a seven-question quiz can never possibly encompass.

Which Tudor Fashion Style Could YOU Get?

Ruff Revolution:

Ruffs were the height of Tudor Fashion
Ruffs were the height of Tudor Fashion

If you find yourself in the Ruff Revolution, prepare to be the talk of the town! Just as the striking ruffs of yesteryears commanded attention and served a practical purpose – their considerable size provided a personal space bubble, preventing others from getting too close – your bold and daring fashion choices will make you the center of attraction at any gathering. Your unique sense of style, filled with self-assurance and a hint of extravagance, will ensure you’re the life of the party and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

The Velvet Vesture:

Velver was comfortable and very expensive.
Velver was comfortable and very expensive.

Should you belong to The Velvet Vesture, expect to be admired for your opulent and refined taste. Velvet, once a fabric reserved for royalty and high-ranking officials due to its expensive production process, reflects your appreciation for luxury and sophistication. The rich, tactile allure of this material will make you the epitome of elegance in any setting. Your keen eye for quality and classic beauty will captivate the room, as your dignified yet approachable demeanor draws people in and leaves them enchanted by your presence.

The Silk Statement:

Silk for Sophistication
The Silk Statement

If you’re crowned The Silk Statement, get ready to turn heads with your understated yet sophisticated style. Silk, a luxurious fabric that has been coveted for thousands of years, was once so valuable it was used as currency along the ancient Silk Road. The smooth and lustrous nature of this material mirrors your polished and graceful persona, making you a true vision of elegance. Your refined taste and appreciation for art and beauty will make you the belle of the ball, as you effortlessly glide through the room with an air of class and poise that is impossible to ignore.


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