My Experience at the Fat Attack Boot Camp in East Grinstead

Woman sleeping in bed uid 1282045THE ACCOMMODATION

Hobbling to the car we collected our cases and were assigned rooms. As we came as a two we were given room 7, which had a bunk bed obviously designed for children.

When they say basic on their website they really mean basic! My friend described it as looking like a cell from the classic sitcom Porridge. There was the bunk bed with plastic covered mattresses, a little side table, a cupboard, mirror and two power sockets. There was a blind on the window, which you don’t notice when you first go in.

After the room I was curious to check out the ‘facilities’. There were two showers between all the girls, and ladies, they don’t stay on. They last about ten seconds and you have to press the button for more water. Another point to note is that when the hot water is used up, there is no more until the tank has a chance to heat up. This means if you are last in the shower line, oops.

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