My Experience at the Fat Attack Boot Camp in East Grinstead


Next up Kickboxing! I’ve always wanted to try this.

I really was enjoying this sport and it was going so well until the kick in the stomach.

Now there were kicks to the stomach earlier in the hour which I could cope with. In fact I was encouraging my friend to give me what she could. At that point it was the best part of the trip – even better than boxing the previous day. But it wasn’t to continue, instead of large protective black pads we had to use the small hand pads and contort our hands to protect our stomachs. Just doing that was setting shooting pains up my wrists! I also found the kicks really painful on my stomach. But my friend was nice and she was gentler than she could have been. Unfortunately our instructor spotted us and said, ‘no you can’t do that, you have to do it like this’. So my friend did and I was doubled up in pain. I’m ashamed to say I cried a little at that point. But I got over it and after stretching and weird team exercises, the next bit was indoors.


Body Combat was next and I’d been looking forward to that since we/I decided to sign up for the weekend. This instructor was really high up in the martial arts world and you wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. But of course she was a lovely lady and I would challenge anyone not to like her!

This class definitely wasn’t easy given I have no coordination, I was aching all over and my eye-sight is so bad all I can see is a blob (although a skinny blob) moving about in front of me. It went fine, the music was good and I worked out enough of what was going on that I could mimic what people were doing. I survived this class and I could see myself joining a Body Combat class in my local gym.

After Body Combat we did the obligatory stretching exercise.


After Body Combat, was lunch and I think it was some kind of stew thing. Also, really delicious. You cannot fault the camp for the taste or portion size. In fact I ate more at the camp than I do at home!

What do you think?