My Experience at the Fat Attack Boot Camp in East Grinstead


The boot camp had been really positive up to this point and I really enjoyed it even with the asthma attacks, the bleeding foot and severe sun burn.

When I arrived back at the kitchen from my consultation. everyone was being weighed. Vanessa said to me, ‘you won’t want to be weighed’, so I said, ‘of course I do!’ All that work I’d done wasn’t going to go to waste! So she weighs me grudgingly and gives me this smile and quietly says ‘You eat a lot at home don’t you.’ I mean charming, I was a bit non-plussed by THAT statement. I just said not really and shrugged. I actually eat 1200 calories a day, which was less than what she was giving us, I only thought about that retort later. She nodded and said I had lost 3 pounds. I mean 3 pounds that’s not to be sneezed at!

I also lost just under 1% of my body fat. But she didn’t tell me that then. She just refused to do the tape measure so I did it when I got home; I lost 2 inches on my waist! So it took me three gos to get her to give me the measurements that she was just handing out to everyone else. At least when I forced it out of her I could do the rest of the measurements at home. And I was thrilled to find out about the body fat as I don’t have a way of doing that at home. How to make someone feel bad for being ill!

I should mention for fairness that Vanessa came up to see if I was alright twice during the weekend over two days because they were concerned about me. I suppose this was why I found it so strange the way I was treated in the last hour. Still I lost weight, fat percentage and inches so it WAS worth it.

Lunch was Covent Garden tomato soup with basil and a millet roll, which again was delicious. And that folks was the end of the trip.


Pounds lost: 3

Body fat lost: 0.7

Waist inches lost: 2

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