My Experience at the Fat Attack Boot Camp in East Grinstead


After a knock on the door we raced to the bathroom to be the first ones to use the two sinks upstairs. At this point I didn’t know about the extra loos downstairs – no showers just loos. I managed to get a free one but felt hurried.

Rushing back to the room I changed into some gym clothes and headed down for breakfast. I arrived in the long dining room to find cups of ‘special blend’ tea were being given out. I took one gratefully and sat down and sipped it. It was a special metabolic tea imported from the US, which meant that you don’t need to eat breakfast straight away.

A few minutes later to my horror, Vanessa announces that we have fifteen minutes before we are mobilized. We hadn’t had breakfast! And we weren’t going to either, not until later…


At seven there we were all set to jog our up to 10ks. I managed 4k again at a walk this time – quite invigorating.

After the run there a granola breakfast and more running around, squats, bear crawls, burpies etc.

The snack today was Naked bars. Chocolate and Orange or Chocolate and Mint. I first turned it down because she said chocolate but it was really cocoa. But because I was tired after my run/walk, early morning and various exercises I just took what I was given. Unfortunately it was the Chocolate and Orange bar. I think the organisers would benefit from a piece of paper with people’s allergies on so they know what they should give. I just accepted it and it wasn’t until the second bite that I realized it was citrus. My lip swelled up.

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