The Royals Puzzle Book: 60 Puzzles About 1000 Years of British Royal History Price: £6.99 (as of 22/02/2023 23:42 PST- Details)

These royal puzzles are available in paperback and hardback versions.


Welcome to The Royal Family — the world’s oldest and most fascinating royal family. As the world’s longest-serving royal family, the English Royals have captured the imagination of people all around the world for over one thousand years. This year, you can explore a thousand years of history in a completely unique and engaging way with The Royals Puzzle Book.
The Royals puzzle book and puzzle pages
The Royals puzzle book and puzzle pages

The Royals Puzzle Book offers 60 puzzles

The Royals Puzzle Book offers 60 entertaining and challenging puzzles for the whole family to enjoy. From word searches and mazes to trivia about the long history of British royalty, the puzzles within this book will keep people of all ages occupied for hours. And, to sweeten the deal, there are adorable regal corgis frolicking throughout the book to make solving the puzzles even more enjoyable.
Explore this thousand-year-old royal family through the pages of The Royals Puzzle Book. Learn more about the various monarchs that have reigned through the centuries and discover fascinating tidbits about the royal family’s history. With this book, you can learn about the various dynasties that have come and gone and how they were connected with one another. Plus, you’ll get a peek into the daily life of the British royalty and get a better understanding of the role this family has played in the world’s history.
Included puzzles
Included puzzles
So if you’re a fan of the English Royals, or just curious to learn more about them, there’s no better way to do so than with The Royals Puzzle Book. Not only will you be able to enjoy hours of puzzles, but you’ll be able to explore the thousand-year history of the world’s longest-serving royal family.
So don’t wait — celebrate the thousand-year history of the English Royals with a copy of The Royals Puzzle Book today. Explore the wonder of the British monarchy and join us on this incredible journey through time. With its entertaining and challenging puzzles, this book will make for a perfect present for yourself, or for anyone interested in the fascinating history of this family. Get your copy today and experience the history of the British monarchy like never before.

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