Coloring Books

Colouring, (Coloring in US English), can be one of the most relaxing hobbies you can have. If you are looking for unusual colouring books, the Jane Austen Regional Fashion and the Fish colouring books serve to inform as well as relax. The Jane Austen Fashion book runs through the Regency years in order, showing you what English ladies were told to wear in each year. The fish books show you the names of the fish on the left hand page. Interested?

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Stained Glass Fish Adult Coloring Book (Fish adult coloring books) (Volume 1)
Stained Glass Fish Adult Coloring Book (Fish adult coloring books) (Volume 2)
Stained Glass Fish Adult Coloring Book (Fish adult coloring books) (Volume 3)
Stained Glass Fish Adult Coloring Book: Complete series, includes 100 stained glass pictures of fish to color (Fish adult coloring books) (Volume 4)
Space: A Minkie Monster Coloring Book
Jane Austen Regency Fashion Adult Colouring Book (Regency Fashion Colouring Books) (Volume 1)

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  1. How is your novel doing? I found your blog via a link on Mr. Konrath’s popular post about ebooks.

    I’m about to publish a collection of short stories as a Kindle book. I’m tempted to try my two adult fantasy novels too. They’ve just been sitting on the computer since the whole agent-hunt thing is such a time sink. I sent a grand total of 6 query letters. *g*

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I sold a few copies, but I was waiting for the print copy before I did any marketing. So really I suppose those few copies were actually good for ‘no’ marketing!

    Getting reviews is the next thing. People assume because it is self-published then it is not as good so they don’t want to try it, which is silly as those who have read it gave me such good feedback.

    I haven’t and won’t go down the family reviews route. Maybe I am too honest but since I tested the book on teenage non-relations I feel that I can trust my target audience not to ‘slate it’!