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Disguised Password Books to hide your passwords!

Write down your website passwords in these cute disguised password books!

disguised password books
disguised password books

Record your passwords in these books designed to look like attractive photobooks. Inside are alphabetised tabs for ease of finding your passwords. There is also advice on how to store your passwords to minimise anyone getting hold of them who you would rather wouldn’t!

Hackers are trying to hack websites on a daily basis now. One of the best things you can do is not only to have a long, secure password but it needs to be a DIFFERENT one for EACH website you visit. Remembering this many password is almost impossible. Writing them down can be a bad idea BUT, (sorry about the caps), but if you write them down in a book that is disguised and if you also obfuscate the password then you are doing the best you can do.

puppy and cat password booksAt the front of each book I explain a method of writing down half a secure password with a mix of lower and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. Once you have this you can insert a memorable word that only you know and is not written down. You only have to remember one word for everything but when it is added anywhere in the password that is written in the disguised password book then it creates a really long secure password!

There are four designs, cats, dogs, birds and bunnies. All four are designed with pictures of the subjects to make you smile as  you flick through these disguised password books.

Currently, there are four secret password book in the Disguised Password Series called Meow-nificent Kittens, Paws-itively Puppies, Birds and Find your Hoppy! Find them all on Amazon at:

Puppy password book:

Kitten password book:

Birds password book:

Bunny/rabbit password book:

or find out more about them from the book pages on this site:

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