Periodic Table of Elements Password Book


Unlock the secret to organized and secure information storage with the ‘Periodic Table of Elements Password Book.’ This cleverly designed notebook is more than just a password journal; it’s a comprehensive organizer for all your contacts, website logins, and more. Disguised as a scientific tome on the Periodic Table, it keeps your sensitive information hidden in plain sight. Featuring alphabetical tabs for easy navigation, extra space for detailed entries, and a section on creating secure passwords, this book is an ideal solution for anyone looking to declutter their digital life. Perfect for science enthusiasts and anyone valuing privacy and order!

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Periodic Table of Elements Password Book
Periodic Table of Elements Password Book

Are you always forgetting your friend’s, family’s and other contact information including addresses, phone numbers, birthdays website logins, usernames and passwords?

Do you have lots of sticky notes, old envelopes, or labels around the house to remember them? Would you like to find a better way?

Periodic Table of Elements is a discreet combined password notebook with places for addresses, telephone numbers, and even birthdays that is disguised as a science book. Add all your website information in one handy place to organize your offline and internet life.

Increased Security

The attractive design is a password journal and address book with a difference. The cover is a picture of the periodic table of elements and the cover was created so that opportunist thieves shouldn’t know what it is at a glance. The words password book or security are not on the cover. This means that you can hide it in plain sight on your bookshelf at home with other books.Take a Look Inside to see how this alphabetized journal combines:an address book,a password book and.a phone book.

What you can expect from this internet password organizer and contacts book disguised as a book about the Periodic Table of Elements:

Tabbed effect alphabetical pages

Are you looking for a password book with tabs? Periodic Table of Elements is a password journal with printed alphabetical tabs running down the edge of the pages. Flick the pages to find your passwords quickly and easily.

Disguised cover to make it not so obvious what it contains

There are several password logbooks on the market but this one was created so it could be hidden in plain sight. It looks like a book about memory from the outside but inside there are 2 boxes for your login information on each page. Other passwords books by Ceri Clark/Penny Quill contain 3 boxes per page but each box in this book contains extra sections for telephone numbers and address information.

Periodic Table of Contents Password Pages
Periodic Table of Contents Password Pages

Section on creating secure passwords

There are risks to however a password is stored. These can be from online thieves or opportunist burglars. At the front of Periodic Table of Elements is a brief section for creating a secure password that can be written down but can’t be used by someone who has the book (unless you tell them the extra password information needed).

Notes and other pages to add other useful information like software licenses

There is a section at the back to add information that won’t fit in the usual password boxes. There are notes pages but also places to add home network settings and license information. If you have a friend coming around who wants to use the WiFi, just add it in here and you will be able to instantly find it when you need it.

More space to write in your information

This handy-sized password keeper is 6 inches wide by 9 inches high for more space to write in your login information. There are 2 boxes per page. It has plenty of space to write in all the information you need.

Never struggle to find your contact information again! If you are looking for a password logbook, an address book with tabs or you just love the periodic table of elements, look no further. This would make a great gift for science geeks!

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