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There are fates worse than death…

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Welcome to the serialisation of Accidental Immortal. Chapters will be published four times a week so the serialisation will be completed at (roughly) the same time as on Wattpad, if not a little sooner!

If you would like to start from the beginning, please head over to chapter one. There is also a contents list at the bottom of each post.

–Ceri Clark

Chapter 29 – DECISION

There were seven tribes, Lynsey was told. A whirlwind of new faces flew past her over the next two hours. The wizened old elders introduced themselves to her first. They discussed what they wanted, their histories and their fears. They were tired, she could see that in the dancing light from the campfires. Tired of the nomadic life but there was a glow about them, they were happy at an end in sight. They touched her arms, her shoulders and her face in gratitude.

She didn’t mind she was surprised to find. At home she shied from close contact. It felt fake there but here – these people were genuine – kind, they meant no harm. As more and more nomads introduced themselves, cousins all. She did not feel a stranger but part of their family. Her muscles ached from the smiling and she could feel Pico getting restless in the back of her mind. There had been something missing in her life for so long and she hadn’t known what it was. A sense of purpose had eluded her until now. Maybe this was what she was born for. Maybe there were no accidents. How could you be an accidental immortal anyway? Pico was right. Who knew how many years they would be on this planet before she found her way home? Even if that were possible. She may never see her family again but she could have another. These people could be her family in this world. She felt a sense of belonging that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

They talked until the first fingers of daylight crawled along the ground towards the oasis and Lynsey was shattered. She could barely keep her eyes open but she felt that she needed some time alone. She stifled a yawn while she stood up, apologising to the elders she was talking to and went for a walk. She moved further into the densely packed trees to find herself back in the spot where she had met Illyara. Even in the dark the oasis was a beautiful place. The darkness lent an air of mystery that soothed her soul. The only sounds she could hear were the occasional splash as an animal took a drink or hunted for food. There was nothing that could harm her here – not with the tribes so close. She relaxed and sat on a fallen tree. She lay back against a vertical jutting branch for a few minutes staring at the quiet water. It was so peaceful here. No one came to disturb her and she felt her thoughts turn to some sort of order. She had better be careful or she might find herself with a God Complex. Then again what was a god? The Pharaohs had called themselves gods, why couldn’t she?

“You can as long as you don’t begin to believe it.“ Pico replied.

“You’ll always be there to ground me won’t you.” She thought, sending little tendrils of pink thoughts to Pico to show she meant it in a nice way.

“I will. There is someone behind us by the way.”

Lynsey tensed. She just wanted a few moments to herself. Was that too much to ask? If she carried on looking at the water maybe they would take the hint and go away? Unfortunately whoever it was, decided to ignore the sign. She heard the rustle of leaves draw near. She was surprised how quiet the person was. The nomads had been moving through the oasis like a herd of elephants tonight.

“Spirits will do that to a person.” Was Pico’s dry thought.

“Look, I really need some time alone to have a think.” She said without turning. There was no answer so she looked up.

Arkan stood beside her gazing out on the water. Her heart swelled and she smiled involuntarily. He had come for her. But how?

“I thought I’d lost you.” He said.

“Me too.”

Arkan pulled her up towards him, gently taking her chin in his hand.

”I don’t want to lose you again. I’m sorry, I should have just taken you away at the ball.”

“I wouldn’t have gone. I don’t think either of us realised the danger.”

“You can’t go back. Come away with me. There are some islands to the west where no one has gone before. We can go exploring together”

Lynsey regarded him for a second. There was nothing she wanted more than to go with him, to leave it all behind but she had made a commitment. Besides she couldn’t betray her new family.

“I can’t. I promised I would free the dragon.”

“The dragon, the one in the Temple?”

“How did you know about that?”

“The king was sent a book by the brotherhood detailing their history and it mentioned a dragon. When I realised what they did to it, I ran to save you but they had already taken you.” He dropped her chin and turned to face the water again.

She looked out to see a small rabbit like creature move to the edge of the water. His voice startled her to look back at him.

“They use the blood to stay alive longer. They promised the king a share of the elixir in exchange for you. You would have been put in with the dragon and bled for an eternity.”

Lynsey took a sharp breath. She believed him. Baserius had been unable to look her in the eyes whenever he spoke to her. The other brothers avoided her. Now she knew why and it wasn’t because she was a woman. How many of them knew what they planned for her? She shuddered in the gloom.

He grabbed her shoulders, “Come away. This fight is not yours! We can go away and be free!”

“No, what if it had been me captured all those years ago? The dragon needs a friend. You can join us.”

Arkan made as if to say no, but the life he had planned when he thought he had lost her seemed foolish now. He wouldn’t be able to forget her. If he didn’t help her now and she was captured or somehow killed then he would never forgive himself. He watched as the soft light of the sunrise danced on her features. The exquisite beauty of a new morning blended with the bravery of the legendary lioness god on the pin he wore on his shirt. He had sworn to serve Sekhmet. This girl was the living embodiment of the God and he loved her. He would go wherever she would lead him.


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