Simple Steps That Take You from Cluttered to Clean

Decluttering can seem a daunting chore, but having a clean home in the end is worth it. Here are some simple, helpful tips that can take you from cluttered to clean in no time.

Get Rid of Junk

Getting rid of junk and things you no longer have a need or use for will go a long way in decluttering and cleaning your home. Begin with a small area of your home; start with what you can see. As you evaluate each one of your belongings individually, organize your stuff into three piles—one for trash, one for donating, and one for keeping. Garbage and anything damaged or in otherwise poor condition should find itself in the trash pile.

You will want to try and make the “keep” pile the smallest of the three, so think carefully about whether you want to donate or keep remaining articles. In the case of clothes, think back to the last time a certain item was worn. If it was a year ago or longer, you should definitely donate it.

Deliberate Storage

Careful and deliberate storage choices can make a difference in how cluttered a house is. Think in terms of the popular saying, “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Making sure there is a designated spot for each thing you own will help you declutter your home and keep it that way.

There is no one right way to organize your storage. Feel free to get creative and personal with your storage options! There are a lot of ways to add storage options to your home, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

Identify Emotions Attached to Objects

The things you own will most likely come with a core emotion. When you consider a specific item, do you feel a sense of obligation to keep it? A feeling of nostalgia? Do you experience a feeling of dread that by getting rid of it you may miss out on something? Identifying the emotions attached to your belongings will help you figure out what things are actually useful and important to you, and which ones are being held onto for superficial reasons. Which items have true value to you? Determining your belongings’ actual benefit to you will help you find the courage to discard what is no longer serving you. This is essential when it comes to simplifying and decluttering your home.

If your home is messy and unorganized, and you feel like you have more stuff than you can handle, it is time to declutter. Making the transition from cluttered to clean can seem tough, but with these three tips, you’ll be organized in no time.

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