Help! The Amazon Ads tooltip is covering the filtering buttons

There you are pootling around the Amazon Ads website. Doing your thang and then a helpful tooltip appears  Ooh, you think, I’ve not bothered to read up on how to use the website, this could be really useful. So you read it and realise you already use the function. Oh well, so you try to get rid of it. But you can’t. The tooltip x is hiding under the banner of the website. What’s more, the tooltip is covering the buttons it is trying to tell you about, so you can’t use them anymore. Help! The Amazon Ads tooltip is covering the filtering buttons. Oh, the irony. What’s a girl or guy to do? Much as it pains me, I had to ask my husband for help on this one as the instructions from Amazon Ads weren’t helpful in this case.

The problem: I can’t get rid of the tooltip on Amazon Ads

Here’s a screenshot of the problem:

Screenshot of tooltip  X hiding under banner.
Screenshot of tooltip X hiding under banner.

The solution of how I exited the tooltip

The problem was I did not have the chart enabled.

What we did:
  1. We had to enable the chart (I disabled it years ago as it was superfluous to my needs, but I knew I could always reactivate it if I needed to get it back)
  2. We refreshed the page.
  3. The tooltip then appeared below the chart and we were able to click on the x.
I can now use the ads page on all my browsers and phone again.

Enabling the Amazon Ads Chart

Enabling Chart screenshot
Enabling Chart screenshot

Click on Show Chart under the Filter by button.

Refresh the Page

Click on the x on the top right of the tooltip. I don’t have a screenshot of that because we got rid of it!

Hopefully, my experience will help someone else.

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