Masonic gifts for the discerning Freemason

I’ve been busy creating masonic gifts lately and I thought I should probably share the on my website. I mean it makes sense right? I have been gently reprimanded by a friendly freemason that said I should make them easier to find. Well, this is what this post is about. I’ve put all the masonic gift ideas I’ve made into categories as they are available from different places, namely Amazon and RedBubble. Browse below for ideas!

Masonic gifts category 1: Masonic Books available on Amazon

[mybooktable tag=”masonic” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

Please note that because of the sheer number of lodges, meetings are not preprinted in the diaries. They are blank dated diaries to fill in as you need.

Masonic Gifts category 2: Masonic Journals

Masonic gifts category 3: Password Books

[mybooktable book=”password-book-secrets-of-the-freemasons-a-discreet-internet-password-organizer-disguised-password-book-series” display=”cover+buybuttons” buybutton_shadowbox=”true”]

Masonic gifts category 4: Clothing

Masonic gifts category 5: Homewares and Everything else…

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