2021 Diaries Designed by Ceri Clark: Time to get organized!

This post all about my 2021 diaries. More diaries, more choice…

I’m writing this post in November but I’ve already got the Christmas tree up. I’ve been thinking about the new year for a while as I’ve been uploading my 2021 diaries to Amazon. For next year I’ve gone all out and tried to cater for everyone! You name it, I’ve done it. Calendar year diaries, academic year diaries, weekly, daily and monthly. I’ve done small, medium and large diaries and it was only until I started adding them to this website that I realised quite how many permutations I’ve made!

What makes my 2021 diaries stand out?

Larger Print 2021 Diaries

I’ve bought paper diaries in the past and the one thing that put me off was the teeny tiny text used on them. Well, not in my books! No bringing the books up to your eyes and squinting to make sure you’ve put the calendar entry in the right place. All my diaries have a larger font size so no struggling.

Printed Tabs

While not the tabs that stick out, these are printed on the page. This means they don’t tear off with use. You can just flick through them to find the dates, and events you need to see when you need them.

2021 daily diaries by Ceri Clark
Daily Diary options for the 2021 calendar year.

Bold colours

Make a statement with these bold colours. Most of my diaries come in black, blue, green, pink, purple and red but there are also other designs featuring cats, dogs and my own original wisteria painting.

Look before you buy

Amazon has a nifty Look Inside feature where you can see the inside of books sold through them. Be warned though, if you are using your tablet or phone to view Amazon you may have to use your mobile browser to see them rather than the app. Open in Chrome or your favourite browser and choose Desktop view in your settings, voila, ‘Look Inside’ works!

Different Sized 2021 Diaries

I started off making these diaries with a medium sized (6 x 9 inch) daily diary. Since then I’ve branched out with a small (4 x 6 inch) and large (8.5 x 11 inch) diaries. There’s a size for everyone.

My books are Eco-friendly

Did you know that a lot of traditionally published books are printed in bulk and a lot are pulped? Not to mention all that ferrying of books which are never bought and used. What a waste! My books are printed when purchased. In most cases the books are printed in the country where you reside so there are fewer miles to get to you so you know you are doing one more thing to help the environment.

Check out all the diaries I offer using the menu to drill down to the perfect diary for you, or search for Ceri Clark diaries on Amazon!

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