Winter is coming and it aint getting cheaper

Emperor Nero cartoonWith Putin getting all sabre rattly, gas is getting very expensive in old Blighty. Our bills are astronomical compared to last year and they are only going to get worse. Obviously it’s not just Russian Empire building. We have social inequality rising. The rich as they say are getting richer and the government has fallen asleep at the wheel.

But, but, the government can’t control wholesale prices! No, but the government’s job is to plan infrastructure , to keep the country going, not to line pockets with deals for friends while Rome burns, literally. They should have had an energy policy years ago. The means to curtail climate catastrophe, is the means to secure our energy needs. Get those wind turbines up, those sea turbines in and get solar panels on as many roofs as possible. This would make jobs and stimulate the economy. Instead, we have naval gazing from our illustrious leaders.

There are grants for heat pumps which are not suitable for every property. Why not offer that £5,000 for any energy saving mechanism. You could actually install solar panels for that. There would be immediate savings for the recipient and people would actually do it. It’s all very well saying that it cuts the cost by half to £5,000 to get a heat pump, but if you don’t have that it won’t happen. Or, was that the point?

Come on guys, do it for the current economy if you won’t do it for our future grandchildren.

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