Warning: Biohazard in the office

20121004 144109Work can seem a little glum. You slug your guts out to make sure everything goes smoothly and the days just roll into one long day before your maternity leave starts. Then someone does something unexpected.

It all started with a phone call. Someone in the office has come down with hand, foot and mouth disease. There is an infinitesimal chance that this could cause a pregnant woman to miscarry so they gave me the option of working from home. As I can get the same amount of work done at home as in work, I agreed.

I arrived in work two days later and was told to have a look at someone’s desk. It was brilliant, someone (I’m not saying who to protect the guilty) put together a biohazard barrier around the ill fated employee’s desk for a joke. All I can say that he or she must have spent a long time doing it (after work hours of course).

The poor hand, foot and mouth victim let out peals of laughter when she arrived back in the office so all was well.

20121004 144135

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