Harry Windsor and the half-naked Prince


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Oops sorry, reeaally couldn’t resist that title, and technically he was a bit more than half naked!

The biggest news going around the interwebs at the moment is Prince Harry and his manic partying. Normally I don’t give a hoot what the Royal Family does, after all they really are a complete irrelevance to my life but I am fascinated by how the newspapers and media are handling it.

So what do I think? Not much, I thought he was a lot younger than he was and for someone so famous you’d think he would be a little more careful about the company he keeps. Seriously though, who cares? It’s not like he’s the Prime Minister or anything. He hasn’t achieved much either in the scheme of things. He’s just an ordinary bloke having the time of his life.

Now as a celebrity, he is an idiot. Everyone knows, even a nobody like me, that if you are that famous that every Tom, Dick, cough, Harry and his dog will try to make a fast buck out of your situation. It’s only natural. OK he has never actively sought out the fame like say a contestant on Big Brother or some other reality show. He has had to suffer that fate just from the family he was born into. You could argue that this is not fair and therefore not his fault. You could also argue that he’s known about this sort of pressure his whole life, in fact his mother suffered a particularly bad form of harassment for being who she was. What I am saying is he should have learned by now.

Maybe now he is approaching his thirties, it would be a good idea to reflect on where his life his heading. It’s fun laughing at his antics but is this what he wants to be remembered for? Who knows? I’m ambivalent, I’ll just enjoy the show while it lasts. This is one case where he could help himself and there is no guilt in sitting back and enjoying what comes next. America had George W Bush, we have Prince Harry…

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