Updating CeriClark.com

ProcrastinationOh procrastination, how I hate thou. Nah, I don’t really, How could I, we’re the best of chums. We meet every day before breakfast, after breakfast, have an early morning meeting before agreeing to meet up for the afternoon. Of course I wouldn’t want to offend my friend so we regularly meet up in the evenings as well.

My latest flirt with procrastination was rebuilding this site. I have a confession, I lurve messing with websites, the frustration of plugins not working, the tweaking of the themes – manna from heaven. That was until a couple of days ago when my hosting was threatened. It was taking about five minutes to make one small change until it finally stopped. Apparently a couple of my old sites, battylibrarian.co.uk and alldestiny.com had been compromised and there were lots of comments on there as well as lots of members.

I had a lot of traffic, I mean a LOT. This wasn’t useful traffic. These people were never going to buy any of my books or enjoy any of my articles. Nope, they want to sell their gubbins and drive traffic to their sites. They didn’t share anything useful it was simply to increase the Google rankings on their sites.

I don’t mind when people have reciprocal links, that’s just nice but all my websites were nearly shut down!

What have I learned? Not to allow comments automatically and not to have a directory. I will be very careful how I set up user access from now on but hey ho, it’s all a learning curve!

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