Toddler crying, what would you do?

There are some awful mothers out there.  A big generalisation but hear (read) me out.

We went to our local soft play centre yesterday with our little one. We had a great time as a family and our toddler really benefited from all the extra space to practice walking.  That wasn’t the problem.

We were by the carousel watching our little one like a hawk in case he decided to jump off when a little girl wandered by.  I didn’t pay any attention at first,  I mean it’s a soft play area, there are lots of little kids. She decided she wanted to come in but not where everyone else came in.  No, that would be too easy,  she wanted to come in by us at the end of the room. There was a problem with this. The soft play wall was higher here and there was a small gap between the building wall and the soft wall and it was all angular with sharp edges poking out. Anyway she decides to come in this way and slips backwards, bangs her head and starts crying hysterically. I hate to see kids crying, if that had been our toddler in that situation I would have been there in a heart beat.

I waited for a moment, then another, no one came.  My husband had grabbed our child and we had a quick look to see if anyone was coming. NO ONE was coming. I couldn’t leave her there so I reached down and picked her out of the gap and oh my god, was she heavy. She must have been twice the weight of our baby. I put her down on the soft floor and asked the nearest women if she was theirs.  No, they shook their heads.  She was still crying hysterically and clearly needed a hug so I gave her a quick hug and put her down again still crying.  She toddled off to find her mother, hot tears streaming down her cheeks until she disappeared out of my vision.

My husband said she went to her mum but she ignored her crying.  The child had an accident she wasn’t acting up.  I feel sorry for the child.

Anyway,  my arms throbbed all day yesterday and now I can’t pick up my son without an excruciating pain zipping down my arm.  I shouldn’t have picked the child up she was far too heavy for me but I was the only one willing to do it.

What would you have done?

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