How to Help Your Kid Be Friends With Everyone

It’s important to raise your child to be friendly, compassionate, and caring. Some children just tend to be less socially comfortable than others. As a parent, that’s when we step in to help. As role models and parents, there are steps we can take to teach our children how to be friends with everyone. This will help them succeed throughout their lives in many aspects of their lives; creating a social circle that will be a great support system.

Teach Them Not to Be Afraid

There’s really no reason to be afraid of new people. While not everyone is nice and has your best interests in mind, there is nothing wrong with introducing yourself to new people. Teach your child how to shake someone’s hand, say hello and introduce themselves. They can learn how to ask details about a person, learn about their culture, etc. Stranger danger is something we often teach, and this is a process that can often scare a child from every new person they meet. Talk about the differences between strangers and being friends with new people.

Teach Them How to Talk Properly

You’ll want to make sure you teach your child how to talk properly with other children. For example, when talking to someone with a disability, there are some things not to say that your child should know about. There are many different demographics of people that you should teach your child about. You don’t want your child to judge other people unfairly. Teach your child that there are many different people in the world. Just because someone is a different race, makes a certain amount of money or works a certain job, that doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to them. Teach your child tolerance within their social circle.

Conversation Topics

One of the hardest things to learn is how to start a conversation and how to keep one going. Teach your child how to talk about themselves, but teach your child how they can ask someone details about their own life. Once they find something that is a common favorite, they can proceed with the conversation that way.

A good way that your child can learn to be friends with everyone is by seeing how you act around people. Essentially, you need to practice what you preach. Show your child that you can be friendly, tolerant and caring. Introduce yourself to people, treat them properly and be friends with neighbours, co-workers, etc.

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