Don’t Forget to Bring These Essentials on Your Family Hike

There are few better ways for a family to bond than by taking a family hiking trip. Without technology, the stresses of school, work, and other distractions, the members of your family will have no choice but to give their undivided attention to each other. There are a few essential items you must be sure to take on your family hike to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Snacks and Water

Snacks are important to take on a hiking trip. This is especially true when children will be participating in the hike. The amount of food you take will depend on how far you will hike and how remote the area is you choose for your hike. Several snack choices make excellent selections for hikes. Trail mix is a hiking favorite. Dried fruit, cheese slices, sandwiches, and sliced vegetables are also great choices. Each family member who embarks on the hike should also leave with a full water bottle. If your hiking trail does not provide safe water along the way, you should pack two water bottles per person.

Insect Repellent

Insect repellent is an absolute necessity for your family hiking trip. There are a couple of reasons for this fact. First, there may be a member of your family with an insect phobia. The bee is one insect that is known to strike fear in many people. Other people may lose their heads if they see a wood tick on their pants. Another concern is illnesses that are carried by insects. The mosquito is an insect that is worthy of concern. Mosquitoes can carry viruses in many parts of the world.


Each member of your family should keep in mind the weather when choosing clothing to wear on a hike. However, weather reports aren’t always accurate, so you and your family should pack clothes that allow you to adjust to changing weather conditions. An extra sweater or sweatshirt should be packed for each person in case the temperature drops. It may also be a good idea to pack ponchos you can wear if it rains. 

Taking a family hiking trip is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and bond with family members. But your hiking trip can go downhill quickly if you don’t pack the proper supplies. Stock up on the three things highlighted above before you leave for your family hiking trip.

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