4 Easy Ways to Make Your Vacation More Insta-Worthy

Besides jet-setting around the world, the best thing about traveling is taking Insta-worthy pictures that will last you for months. But with all the logistics of traveling, it can get a little difficult to truly prepare for those priceless moments. Here are four easy ways you can begin making all your traveling experiences that much more Insta-worthy.

Research the Sites

One of the best ways to make sure that your pictures are not only going to be stunning but unique is to do your research ahead of time. Doing research on the location you’re traveling to can go a long way. Often travelers will post online about little-known areas of the location that provides the best lighting or areas to take pictures in. In addition, making your way to lesser-known but beautiful areas of your location can truly make your Insta pic that much more unique. Make sure to look into local food so you know you can find somewhere with great plant-based eats to snap a photo for your story.

Bring Your Best

You’ve seen it before: A beautiful girl posing at the top of the Grand Canyon with her incredible dress flowing in the wind. Those who’ve hiked through large canyons and valleys will tell you that you don’t get there wearing a dress. So, before you head off to your destination, make sure to pack clothes for the photo you want to take. If it is just a short trip to your destination, you could even bring multiple outfits to give you more options for pictures.

Be a Little Extra

Taking pictures at exotic locations is one thing, but what happens when you get back to the hotel room? People want to see how you live both outside and inside. Therefore, if you have the means and the opportunity, always choose to upgrade both your hotel room and your transportation. Rather than a small one-bedroom, why not go for a bigger room with a view? Instead of using your own car or renting a mediocre car, why not go rent a mustang for fun instead? They make excellent Insta-pics that can be posted between your excursions. Even if you don’t use it for pictures, premium rentals often come with upgrades such as advanced navigation systems to help you get where you’re going.

Make Friends

Although selfies are definitely Insta-worthy, you should also concentrate on getting a few shots with friends and locals alike. One great way to accomplish this is to go to local hotspots such as a popular restaurant or bar. Note that you should always be courteous when taking pictures with someone. Make sure they have agreed to take a picture and never post without their consent.

There you have it! Four tips to making your next vacation more Insta-worthy. Simply follow the tips listed above to begin taking some of the best Instagram photos that will last you for months on end.

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