3 Responsibilities Your Children Can Take on When Getting a Puppy

“Please, Mum? Can we get a puppy? Everyone I know has one.” As a parent, you’ve probably heard this at least once from your children. Many children want a puppy, as they can be a lively addition to the household, and a great companion. However, puppies can also cause a great hassle for adults. That said, you can teach your children how to take care of a puppy. Here are three responsibilities your children can take on with your family’s new puppy.


Your children can assist in training your puppy. One aspect of training is taking the puppy outside to do his business, every morning, evening and throughout the day every half hour to an hour. Your child can assist you in this aspect of puppy training. If you have multiple children, make a rotation of who gets to take the dog outside. If your puppy is having a hard time potty training, cleaning your carpet helps prevent accidents. This is also something your children can help with. Training your puppy will take time, but it is a responsibility you don’t have to do by yourself.


Your children can also assist in walking the puppy, but first make sure that the puppy is leash trained. Training the puppy to use a leash is necessary because it keeps both the puppy and your children safe, and it also makes it easier to walk the puppy. Always go with your children when you walk the puppy. If your children are older and bigger than the dog, consider letting them hold the leash. You may also consider getting two leashes, one for you to hold, and one for your child to hold. Just make sure that the leashes are not retractable as that can be dangerous for the puppy and the child.


Your children can also help by feeding the puppy. Puppies should be on a feeding schedule, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the one to feed the puppy every time. Before feeding, however, make sure that the child can tell the puppy to sit and stay and the puppy obeys so that it is easier for the child to feed the puppy.

Your children may not be able to take on every responsibility when it comes to taking care of a puppy, but they can certainly assist in a few responsibilities, helping them grow to love the puppy more, and helping you have a little less stress.

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