Why a Gmail Inbox beats all other email accounts to save you time

Business woman in corridor with a Copy of A Simpler Gyuide to GmailI have used Google’s Gmail for my main email for years. I have also used Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook and various smaller email addresses like [email protected]. That email address doesn’t exist anymore and I’m still waiting to be that millionaire!

My book, A Simpler Guide to Gmail, does go into why Gmail is such a great option for sending and receiving email but if you have bought my book you already know how great it is. This blog post is for people undecided among the big free email providers. Here’s why I think everyone should have a Gmail account:

  • It’s FREE – No getting your credit card out.A Simpler Guide to Gmail
  • Easy to use – You can get started straight away.
  • Nothing to install – Get access from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Clean interface – Go to what you need to do quicker.
  • Over 15 gigabytes of space (enough for a lifetime of email, although it is/can be shared between other Google services) – Lots of space.
  • Advanced Filters – Automate sorting your emails.
  • Spell Checking – Reduce the risk of sending out embarrassing mistakes.
  • Address Book (Contacts) – Start typing an email address for Google to autofill the contact using your Address Book details.
  • Mobile access (for your iPhone or Android mobile phone, although any phone capable of using a browser can use it) – Get your emails on the move!
  • Great spam protection – Save time from going through unwanted emails.
  • Your username and password for Gmail works for all the other free Google services like Search, YouTube, Chrome and Google+ etc. – Who wants to remember several passwords when one will do?

I opened a Yahoo email address as part of writing my book to see if importing emails had changed and I gained spam emails within the Yahoo account in about ten minutes of opening the account. I hadn’t even had a chance to send any emails yet! I rarely, if ever, get spam in my Gmail inbox.

There you go in a nutshell, there is no better email service in my opinion,

If you would like some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Gmail, please check out my book on Amazon. Where the Amazon Kindle Match is available, the Kindle ebook is free when you purchase a paperback.

A Simpler Guide to GmailThird edition of A Simpler Guide to Gmail: An unofficial user guide to setting up and using your free Google email account now available!


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