What You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Tires

Tires are expensive, so you need to take care of them. Spend just a few minutes a week caring for them. Changing some bad driving habits can extend the life of your tires.

The Basics

You need to be sure that the air pressure in your tire is correct at least once a week. The right pressure should be listed on your tire and in your car’s user manual. Check it when the tires are cold. You will notice the amount of air goes up and down depending on the weather, so you must check the air pressure regularly.

If you frequently leave rubber on the road when you drive, then you need to slow down and anticipate when you will need to start and stop as you can make your tires last longer this way. According to Schnipper Law, three out of four people don’t know how to tell if a tire is worn out, and four out of five don’t know how to check their tire pressure. Making little changes can stop your tires from being an expensive problem.

Head to a Tire Shop Biyearly

At least twice a year, you should go to a tire shop that also does car alignments. Ask them to check the alignment on your vehicle. If it is out of alignment, then your tires may be rubbing, which can shorten their life. Every 5,000 miles or at least twice yearly, have your tires rotated and aligned.

This will keep your tires in top condition, helping them to last longer. Additionally, if your car drifts to the right or the left when you are driving, you need to head back to the tire shop. Being more frequent with your tire check will help avoid premature balding and uneven wear, which will require to replace them sooner.

Check Your Tires Daily

Before you leave home in the morning, check your tires. If any look low, use your tire gauge to make sure that the right amount of air is properly in the tire. While you’re down there, look at the tread to see if it seems evenly worn across the tire. Even if the tire loses just a little bit of air, you probably have a leak.

Take the tire off your car, and put the spare on before heading to the tire shop to get your tire repaired. If you need a new tire, then drive easy for the first week or so as manufacturers put a coating on the tire to make it pull free from the mold, which can make it very slick.

Spending a few minutes taking care of your tires can make them last longer. In turn, you will save money. Even for quick trips, make sure everything is in proper working order to ensure you have the safest ride possible and you can avoid unnecessary damage to your car.

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