The horror of Halloween, Mwhahaha

Woman with a headache 2Now, the problem with me is that although I like children big groups of them scare the living daylights out of me so with the best intentions of avoiding the usual hordes this halloween, i and my husband decided to head out for a curry tonight.

Before we could do this we needed to unpack the car as our road trip had exhausted us the night before. With military precision we opened the doors, did a brief reccy, and dropped off the DIY gear as if our house was on fire and the gear was water.

The problem with curry is that you can only draw out eating for so long. With heavy hearts and full stomachs we clambered back into our car and drove to and then past our home.

Disaster! There was a gang stood outside our garden on the corner. What to do?

We drove around the block and parked up on the opposite corner. Indecision racked our overfull bodies. Then a plan was formed. We would walk down our street and if the kids were still there carry on walking as if we were out on a normal stroll.

The night was warm and my hearing sharp. There were still a few trick-or-treaters at the far corner and I am ashamed to say I lost my nerve. I broke off before I reached the end of our road and dashed behind a hedge in our garden and ran down the grass verge to our front door. I was joined moments later by an out of breath husband, key already in hand. We tumbled through the door and stumbled our separate ways. I went upstairs, ahem, i did just have a curry, and hubby went to make a couple of drinks – in the dark.

So here we are sitting in the dark. I’m on my phone and hubby on his laptop, jumping at any noise at the front door.

We’re not in… honest…

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