The death of Torberta Turchin by Shannon Mawhiney

suffusion slider torberta turchin

I don’t often give five stars for a book, but I’m learning to reserve them for books that really wow me, the death of Torberta Turchin is such a book.

The story I would say is aimed at the young adult market, but at the advanced age in my, ahem, early thirties, I certainly enjoyed it.

From the beginning, you are hooked and three questions stand out through the story. Is she really psychic, who is trying to kill who and what will happen to Toberta Turchin. A death can mean so many things, she could change her life, her name or take the literal meaning.

The characters are interesting and I did guess one of the plot points early on but it didn’t detract from the story and I finished it in one day.

I think this story thoroughly deserves five stars and I wish the author every success in the future for entertaining me for a day. The book is under $3 on Amazon, what do you have to lose?

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