LJ Smith removed from writing Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle

It’s every writer’s worst nightmare. You’ve created a successful series that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. You are excited that it has been turned into a tv series and who knows it might become a film one day. Then you are fired from your own books.

Sounds too farfetched to be true? This is what happened to LJ Smith according to the about page on her website.

To her legions of fans this is old news but I am surprised it isn’t more well known. Apparently there was a clause in her contact to do with writer for hire which meant she lost control of anything she wrote in these series. She was effectively fired from her own books.

This is a cautionary tale for new writers to understand the contracts they are signing but also for the fans of authors to make sure they are buying the book they are expectimg. If a book says created by LJ Smith, it is probably written by a ghost writer with minimal to no input from the ‘real’ author. I for one would never buy a book in those circumstances.

My name is…

Not wanting to sound like an alcoholics anonymous meeting but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ceri Clark and I adore writing.

Now the reason for this introduction is not just for self promotion because I’m rubbish at that but because I hung out with a few friends who I’ve never met in person in the hang out feature on Google Plus yesterday. These were the excellent writers Connie J Jasperson and Alison DeLuca who are published through Fantasy Island Book Publishing (books available at the publisher’s website http://fantasyislandbookpublishing.com/).

Why would that make me blog today you may ask. Well, I am proud of where I come from but it can cause a few problems with the way my name is pronounced. These are my friends and I love them to bits in a non-homicidal way but I kept being called Seri as I do around England and sometimes while travelling.

I’m just interjectimg a paragraph break while I process that. My name is pronounced Kerry. Now this is where my Welsh heritage is so annoying. My full first name is Ceridwen. I am named after the Welsh goddess of wisdom. It’s an old name and firmly embedded in Welsh culture. If you are wondering it’s pronounced Keridwen.

So why the weird spelling you may think. Well it’s not weird if you are Welsh. The Welsh language is completely separate from the English and one of the oldest in Europe. It has a few extra letters and crucially a few missing. Until recently it did not have the letter J but to my horror they added it since I was in school.

Now back to my point, there is no letter K in the welsh language but the sound is done always through a hard sounding C.

So  if you spot me wandering around like a lost sheep, shout out Kerry and I just might respond.