Hello, my name is Ceri Clark. I am a Librarian by trade but I love writing. My latest stories are about the Elementi. A race of people who inhabit a world called Eleria which exists in another dimension.

If you are reading this page, it’s because you want to find out about me. Well here goes!

I was born and brought up in Aberystwyth, a small town in Mid-Wales. Although if I am being precise it was a village just outside of Aber.

I went to school there before heading out into the big wide world. I went to University in Wolverhampton before doing a short stint (a few months) as an office assistant on the Apollo – a cruise ship which roamed the Mediterranean.

From there, another short stint at the MOD, working with some soldiers in an army barrack. I then moved into the world of patents while I gained an MSc in Information and Library Studies.

Got that, so I joined the National Assembly for Wales (Members’ Library division) as an Information Specialist in Newspapers, Periodicals and Electronic resources. I would just like to point out I did not have a hand in choosing the job title!

From there I joined Rougemont School in Newport where I met some great children. My favourites were Becky, Sophie, Nikita, Georgie, Michael, Theo, Mims and of course Amna. You know who you are!

I tried out the book on a few of the students who liked it and some fellow librarians from other schools showed the book to some more. My favourite quote was “Awesome!”

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