Unofficial Rules Everyone Should Follow On Social Media

Social media has no doubt changed dramatically over the past few years. What was once a place where you could share family vacation pictures or that funny thing your cat did on video is today a minefield that needs to be navigated carefully.

Although much good still comes from social media, there are a few rules you should keep in mind while traversing it daily. Certain steps must be taken to ensure your privacy stays secure. Here are the unofficial rules everyone should follow while on social media.

Find Your People

Much like anywhere in the world, you are going to have your positive and negative people. Choosing which circles of people you are going to be a part of is critical to the type of social media experience you will have. If you are not the type to want to discuss politics, then it is best to not follow certain political figures or organizations. Sometimes, even following a random politician can instantly paint you as a certain type of person.

Therefore, it is very important to study the interactions of any groups you may want to join. Are the members polite when discussing issues? Is this a closed group where you have regulars and a support system? Following this advice will no doubt make finding the right type of people to connect with that much easier. Many social media sites also have blocking and filtering tools to help you navigate a page you want to interact with that may have a few unsavory people on it.

Watch Your Words

Now more than ever, the words you put on the internet should be carefully thought-out. This is because there are plenty of people out there ready to call you out on past mistakes. Even a 10-year-old tweet can totally get you fired. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who need something to feel important about, even if this means bringing you down in the process. So, do not give them that satisfaction. Instead, watch your words on the internet; after all, they are going to be out there forever.

Share the Right Content

You might be looking good in a dress, but that does not mean it is appropriate to post online. Much like your words, the content you post must also be carefully screened. Ask yourself this question: if you were a potential employer, would you hire yourself? More often than not, the answer will be no. So, always make sure that the photos being uploaded to your wall or page are not going to come back and haunt you.

Social media has become a tricky thing to navigate. Your actions are not the only thing that can get you in trouble; there are also people out there just waiting for you to slip up. Therefore, it is paramount to adhere to the tips above when using any social media platform.

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I get soooo frustrated with Apple products

I have been a user of Apple products for years. I bought, I think it was, a G4 laptop years ago when I was a student studying for my Masters. It was brilliant. I had no problems with it and I loved it. It got a bit old so with a teary farewell I sold it on eBay. The battery lasted FOREVER and in those days I didn’t mind squinting closely at the screen to see what I needed to do. These days I want my technology to bend to me not it. Afterall I pay for my gadgets they don’t pay for me!

Apple iMac

I bought an Apple IMac with a 27″ screen and absolutely loved it when I bought it. I really bought it for the screen and when it works it is amazing. Unfortunately it fails on m e at the most frustrating times.

I was busy putting together my Gmail book, happily creating screenshots and pasting it into my Word doc when, BAM, the screen goes black. WTF?!?!? I scream for Nick, my in-house tech guy also known as The Husband. He remote  desktops into the iMac and he is able to save it. Thank God! This happens whenever I use the computer for more than three hours – which is when I write or make book covers – most of my leisure time!

We have an appointment at the Genius bar – I hope they can’t fix it – it IS still covered by the Care thingy.


I tried using solely the iMac for a while but it drove me crazy and I kept getting headaches. The problem is I have some graphics software only available on the Mac. I cannot upgrade to LION because if I do then I can’t use this software which is the only reason I use the Mac operating system. Today it kept force-closing on me and I couldn’t get it to work. Why oh why can’t I use my iMac without encountering problems!

Reasons why I can’t get an IPhone

I’m clumsy, I’ll admit it. Two days ago I managed to drop my Samsung Galaxy SII FOUR times in the same day. I forgot to put my cover on after a recent software upgrade so it slid out of my pocket and bounced on the ground while I got out of the car. I’m just lucky Nick didn’t drive over it on the way to HIS work! The phone has scratches on the corners but with the Bumper on you can’t see them and it is in full working order.

Why do I say I can’t get an iPhone? Take a look at this Youtube video an you’ll understand why a clumsy person like me can’t use one!

Font Size

I simply can’t see them on the iPhone, I’ve tried but no good. I have discovered BigFont on Android however and my quality of life has improved dramatically.


So you see, I do try to use Apple products but they are so badly designed for my needs. I’m like a moth to a flame. I can’t help buying the things and i suffer the consequences. Still there is always MIcrosoft and Google…


Samsung Galaxy Tab for Writing

I’ve recently bought the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I primarily bought this as a reading device but I wanted something that wasn’t too heavy but which I could write on.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (running Android with ADW)
    Samsung bluetooth keyboard case (the official one)

I can’t praise the tablet enough. I wanted something that was flexible, with a good battery life and which was light enough to carry oround. I usually charge the tablet every couple of days and I am an intensive user!

The tablet is light and if don’t want to use the keyboard for any reason I can hold it one-handed for a loooooonnnng time. 😉

The keyboard is also just what I need. It isn’t noisy and while it is heavier than a rubberised bluetooth keyboard it is nicer to use. It feels like a quality product and has all the features I need.


The tablet comes with Polaris Office. This is amazing. I am using it to write the second book in the Elerian Chronicles (Elementi).

I save it as an Office document format and back it up to my Skydrive using Sorami. I know with Docs to Go I can back it up to Google (I also have this)  but I rather use Skydrive for my writing. I do find it frustratng that you can only back up files to with Polaris but I hope this will improve with time. May be they will do some sort of sync option?

For those who are short sighted like me, you can increase the font on Polaris to 200%! Simply reflow the text and you can edit in comfort.

Of course the question now is do I really need a laptop now my Samsung is so good?

Time will tell…