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Home library: Storing books with no shelf space

Question about a home library. Answer based on the Quora question: What is the best way to organize books if I don’t have a bookshelf? If there is no shelf space available in your home librasry then sometimes the only way books can be stored is in a box hidden in a cupboard, the garage or…
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Q&A My books have gone from Calibre, how do I get them back?

My books have gone, how do I get them back? A quick tip from A Simpler Guide to Calibre. It can happen that when you first load Calibre your books all seemed to have disappeared. This is usually because the software has been told your e-books library has moved to a different folder and is…
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Q&A Have a small library but cannot afford a library management system (LMS) like Oliver, Unicorn or IS OXFORD? How about trying Calibre the free ebook library software?

I worked in libraries for over 11 years before giving up work to look after my son and write books. I understand that sometimes small libraries whether they are school libraries or corporate information departments don’t have the money to buy a full-blown library catalogue. When you work in these organisations you may not need…
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