Sudoku #2 – Solve this Free Easy Number Puzzle Online

It’s Sudoku Monday. Try your hand at solving this sudoku puzzle online. As it’s Monday, I thought we could start off this week with an easy one.

How to solve this Sudoku

This is an online puzzle, click into the squares to put numbers in them.

  • Fill in every empty square so that each row, column, and square are filled with numbers without repeating.
  • The number can only be 1-9, and cannot be repeated within each square, line, or column.

If you get stuck, click on a square in the grid below and click on the Hint or Check buttons on the left of the grid – if you’ve put in a number already. If you click on Solution, to go back, click on Revert.

Sudoku #2

If you like these types of puzzles, why not take a look at my Fiendishly Fun Sudoku beginner to medium-level puzzles or my Scarily Hard Sudoku: 200+ Hard Level Sudoku book. All available at Amazon.

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