Shopping with Ocado

Living in the wilds of Wales, (Newport, next to Cardiff) I am always surprised when an amenity that I took for granted when I lived in London suddenly appears here.

Don’t get me wrong, I have used Sainsbury’s and Tescos online but I missed Waitrose/Ocado. It could be because I am a snob but more likely distant memory and mummy brain.

I am happy to report that my Ocado shop was cheaper than the same shop with Tesco and it fits in with my snobby personality.

There is more choice, love the frozen blueberries for my son’s porridge. (Pity he didn’t but we won’t go into that. Grumble, grumble.)

The delivery went like a dream. Get this they tell you the drivers name!!!! Not only that what the license plate number of his van will be!

The.bags are a gorgeous purple and I can now say I shop at Waitrose don’t cha know.

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