A password keeper for every taste from animals to diesel engine repair

Looking for a password keeper? I’ve made a range of password journals to fit different tastes. Love animals? How about a password book that looks like a kitten or puppy password book? Like Knitting or love tinkering with car engines? Then there’s Knitting for Beginners and a Diesel Engine Repair Manual made just for you.

Every password keeper has alphabetical tabs running down the right hand side with space for all your important login information for websites.

Hidden in plain sight

What makes these books really special is that can be hidden on your book shelf and most burglars won’t give them a second look. Would you suspect a book on Fly Fishing or Hiking to be a password journal?

Some of the blurbs on the covers are a little tongue in cheek but most won’t give these books a moments notice among all your other books. If you like romance novels, take a look at Broken Hearted, if you like Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice deserves a place on your bookshelf. If thrillers are more your thing then Contact or Password would be a better fit.

If novels don’t float your boat then the Knitting,Hiking, Fly Fishing and Diesel Engine Repair password books are designed to look like any guide or manual you may already own. They are larger than the novels and animal password keepers so are great if your handwriting is quite large.

Did I mention animals? There is a password keeper with covers including a kitten, cat, puppy, bird and bunny. Feathered and furry delights!

A password keeper with tabs

As mentioned above, all these password books are tabbed so you can find all the information you need when you need it. Some password books on the market don’t have tabs, and this just makes it awkward trying to find that password in a hurry!

Password Advice for your offline password keeper

Creating secure passwords are important and you need to have random passwords but also passwords you can remember. Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to remember the one password? Well now you can. There is a section in the book detailing how you can have a long and tediously difficult password to remember written in the password keeper but another easy to remember one in your head that you attach to the written down segment. The two parts make one complicated password which is impossible to guess. Just don’t write down the part of the password you are supposed to remember!

Wifi information

All that WEP, LAN etc information has to be kept somewhere. There is a section in these books for just that.

Software License Information

If you have copies of Microsoft, Adobe or other software, keeping track of software can be a hassle. these books contain pages just for this information.


Finally, these books have pages in the back for stuff that won’t fit in the rest of the book. Your favourite recipe sites? Write them in the back and then you can go back in to the actual book and find the login information.

Click on any book below, to find out more.

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All my password books are available at Amazon.

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