Inside Out Movie Review

5 starsThere are not many films my toddler will sit through, but Inside Out is one of them. Because my little ankle biter loved it, I would give this movie from Disney/Pixar 5 stars.

What did I/he like about it?

I enjoyed it as an adult but I loved watching my child’s reaction to it. He’s only two but he was getting emotional at some aspects of the film but then he did in the Penguins of Madagascar as well. If that film is on we have to cover his ears when the baby squid starts crying or they’ll be hysterics for ten minutes.

Anyway, back to Inside Out, I love the development of the characters. As Riley grows so do the characters representing her emotions. It is fascinating to watch their journey and how Disney has visualised our emotions and reactions to them and how they interplay together. I think I may have some pointers for when he gets older!

The animation is great and very imaginative. There are a lot of laughs, the best one can be seen on the trailer. Take a look on YouTube if you haven’t already seen it.


It was a brilliant, funny and imaginative film and a must see if you have a toddler. A totally deserved 5 stars from the Clark household.

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