How to Stay Organized During a Big Move

Moving is one of the most stressful processes that most people will experience in their lifetime. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make the process a little less stressful.

Create a Plan

There is a lot to keep track of during a big move, and it can be hard to remember everything. A moving checklist reminds you of the items you need to complete for an organized move. Your moving checklist can start as far as eight weeks out from moving day and include things like getting quotes from movers, taking inventory of what needs to be moved and making a list of businesses you will need to contact to update your mailing address. Take a moment to sit down and write down everything you will need to do to make your move as smooth as possible. Put your list in a binder along with any documentation you will need for your move to keep it secure.

Label Everything

Your belongings are bound to get jumbled during a move. Label each box clearly as you pack to make the process easier. Before you start packing, make sure you have labeling supplies easily accessible. Include the room that each box belongs to on each label. You may even want to color-code each room using colored boxes, labels or tape. Make sure to label two sides and the top of each box. You want to be able to see the label even when your boxes are stacked. Also, don’t forget to label any fragile boxes to avoid damaging your belongings.

Pack Smart

While you are packing keep in mind the next two steps, moving and unpacking. Make sure to pack heavier items like books in smaller boxes. You want to make sure you can lift that box after it has been so neatly packed and labeled. It also helps to think about what you will need when you unpack each item and keep those things together. There are plenty of packing tricks you can use. For example, you can pack electronic power cords neatly in a plastic bag and tape the bag to the corresponding appliance. Similarly, keep hardware for any disassembled furniture in plastic bags taped to the furniture pieces. That way things are easy to reassemble in your new home.

No matter how big or small your new home is, moving is still a big event. Thankfully there are things you can do to make it less stressful. Make your big move easier by following these simple tips.

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