How to Make Bugs Hate Your House

Bugs make a way into our homes using a variety of methods. Though there are pesticide companies that claim to exterminate them, many people want to use simpler, safer options to get rid of indoor pests. One of the best ways to fix a pest problem is to make your house as inhospitable to them as possible. Luckily, this doesn’t require poisons or huge amounts of cash. Following a few simple steps will help you create a home that pests don’t want to go near.

Do the Dishes

Pests love food. That’s why leaving dishes covered in crumbs or caked-on food in the kitchen for any period of time is inviting a pest problem. An easy fix is to do the dishes as soon as a meal is over. If you own a dishwasher, rinse and place dishes in the dishwasher after you eat to keep insects from being attracted to your home. Leaving dishes in the sink or on the counters overnight gives pests plenty of time to sniff out food remains and invade. Once they are in the house, it’s difficult to get rid of them. Start a dishes-after-meal routine to avoid bugs altogether.

Clean with Vinegar

Insects don’t like vinegar, and that’s enough of a reason to embrace it as a tool for cleaning the house. Ants especially don’t like it when vinegar has been sprayed in a home, so using it to wipe down counters, spray windows, and clean doorknobs will keep these creatures away. Due to a renewed interest in cleaning with natural products, it’s possible to find recipes everywhere that will tell you exactly what to mix with vinegar to make it a strong cleaner and a pest deterrent. Baking soda and lemon are good choices, and a diluted vinegar cleaner saves money on both cleaning products and exterminators.

Deep Clean Regularly

Deep cleaning may not be your favorite hobby, but if you want to see fewer pests roaming your home, it’s absolutely necessary. Regular deep cleaning of the more obscure areas in your house can discourage pest infestations. It also keeps pest invasions that have started under control before they become unmanageable. Many pests like to congregate in the areas of your home that you touch the least often. For example, German cockroaches are often found in dark, warm, humid areas close to sources of food and moisture. Many bugs will retreat to the nooks and crannies of the kitchen when an exterminator puts out traps. They aren’t gone, simply waiting to reemerge when they feel safe. Keeping these areas clean will take away the safe haven these pests depend on and make your house inhospitable for bugs.

Keeping bugs out of your house may seem challenging, but it is very possible with a little bit of effort. Small changes can make a drastic difference when trying to keep bugs at bay. They are house guests that no one wants, so make your home as uninviting to them as possible.

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