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Untitled 1How not to respond to a Review

The internet was abuzz with how not to respond to a review this week. An author had submitted her book to a reviewer and took exception to what the reviewer said. Now I don’t condone what the author did. It did seem very unprofessional to me but I don’t know what is happening in her private life. She just seemed to have lost it.

The thing with reviews in my limited experience is that people either get your story or they don’t. This can be for a number of reasons, they may not like the genre, the writing style may turn them off or they may even be in the wrong age group. You have to take the good with the bad and concentrate on the people that like your work. After all, you wrote your story for them! I wrote Children of the Elementi specifically for some younger teenagers I knew. They are my target audience. If adults like it fantastic, if they don’t? That is also fine, there are others who will like it. Besides if I got 4 and 5 stars all the time, people would thing I was writing the reviews! My advice to other writers, go with the flow…

If you want to see post that caused all the ruckus, go here: http://booksandpals.blogspot.com/2011/03/greek-seaman-jacqueline-howett.html

Rebecca Black

I won’t say I am a big fan, in fact I thought the Fridays song was hilarious when I first heard it. I was a little startled by the age of the driver, but hey I thought what do I know about the legal driving age in the US? 😉

Still, bad but catchy song aside, I thought the comments under the YouTube clip were uncalled for. There is simply no need to say those things. People have feelings. The posters may have been anonymous but Rebecca is not. She will have the last laugh though. The amount she has sold and the plethora of parody videos mean that she will stay famous for that little bit longer than she may have otherwise expected.


I have mixed feelings about Libya. I obviously don’t agree with dictatorships and something had to be done but there is just too much war. I really hope that the conflict will have a speedy resolution soon with a minimum of collateral damage. I hate that word, but we all know what it means.


Things took a turn for the worse recently, with some radioactive material leaking on to the concrete floor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. This is really scary stuff. I was reassured by a news programme which mentioned that the particular type of radiation that had spilled previously had a half life of just days. I just hope that the new radioactive leak has a similar longevity. I really feel for those plant workers in the situation they are in and I believe they are heroes.


Connie J. Jasperson’s new book “The Last Great Knight” has been received well and grows readership daily. Compared to the great Wilbur Smith in her action and bawdy prose, she will be one of the great writers of fictional adventures to come.

The Last Good Knight
Connie J. Jasperson

Alison DeLuca’s new book “The night watchman express” is soaring up the Amazon Kindle sales ranking and is a promising series to look forward to in the future.

The Night Watchman Express
Alison DeLuca

Located in Wales in the UK, author Ceri Clark has the children and young adult market abuzz with her fantasy series “Children of the Elementi!” This book series is and will become the new “Potter” the entire world will fall in love with. This book series is profound, important, and masterfully written. Learn the name Ceri Clark; it will be a household name in a short time.

Children of the Elementi special edition
Ceri Clark

Miranda Warning
Why is someone killing the band geeks of Richland, Texas? Miranda Beeling would like to know since she is one of them.

Author Marilyn Rucker Norrod certainly knows her subject. A musician and an attorney, she has taken that background and spun a wonderful book with great characters and lots of humor as well as intrigue.

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