Who would be your perfect dinner guest from history?

With billions of people to choose from in history, who would you invite to be your dinner guest at your perfect dinner party?

Welcome to the Dinner Party Quiz! Answer some questions to find out which of Ada Lovelace, Charles Darwin, Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, Louis Armstrong, and Queen Elizabeth I, would be the guest of your dreams.

Which Dinner Guest from History Should you Invite?

If you could talk to anyone in history, who would it be? Take this quiz to find out your perfect plus one for the dinner of your life! You can select more than one answer in some of these questions, but not all.

What food would you like to serve at your dinner?
1 what food would you serve
Which of these do you prefer?
2 Color
Hordes of zombies are coming at you, do you:
Q9 If you saw a zombie
Where would you like go for a break?
Q2 Perfect getaway
What do you like to do in your spare time?
what do you like to do
What do you like to talk about over dinner?
6 what would you like to talk about
If you won the lottery what would you spend it on?
Q10 winning lotterys
Which subject do you like the Most?
8 which subject
Which of these do you think is most impressive?
9 impressed
Given a time machine, which historical time period would you rather visit:
10 When would you go in History

Please take this quiz for the fun it was intended to be. This quiz is purely for fun and it is for entertainment purposes only. You are a wonderful, complex person that a seven-ten question quiz can never possibly encompass.

The dinner guests you could have got:

Abraham Lincoln

If you’re looking for someone to really add some pizzazz to your party and create a experience no-one will forget, you can’t go wrong with Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was warm, honest, friendly and a theatre goer. He was known for his ability to tell stories, his sense of humor, and his enthusiasm for life. He was also known for his leadership qualities, as well as his willingness to listen to different view points. All of these qualities would make him a wonderful dinner guest. He’s the ideal person to keep the conversation interesting, share his ideas, and get everyone in good spirits.

Lincoln was a fan of all sorts of food, so you wouldn’t have to worry about offending him. He enjoyed eating meals, such as beef, potatoes, cornbread, and beans. He also had a sweet tooth, so remember that pudding!

Lincoln was known as a great conversationalist. He was well-read and could discuss a range of topics, from politics to literature to history. His deep and thoughtful discussions will keep other guests entertained at your dinner party, while you whip in and out getting courses.

But what makes Lincoln the ideal dinner guest for you is not just his personality, but that he was famous for being a great achiever. He was the President of the United States that everyone remembers, he abolished slavery, and was an important figure in the American Civil War. He was also a great speaker and a skilled lawyer. His accomplishments, both in his career and in his personal life, make him an inspiration.

Abraham Lincoln is an ideal guest. His personality and his extraordinary achievements make him an unforgettable choice. He can keep a conversation going, and bring knowledge to the table, pardon the pun. So, if you’re looking for someone to really make your dinner party a success, look no further than Abraham Lincoln.

Ada Lovelace

Not only is Ada Lovelace a brilliant mathematician with a keen intellect, but she also was a social butterfly in her time. She’s the perfect combination of wit and wisdom.

Ada’s accomplishments earned her a place in history. She was the first person to write a program in computer code. Her work paved the way for many of the computer programs we use today. She also made great strides in mathematics and was the first to recognize the potential of computers. Her work earned her the title of “the first computer programmer.”

Ada Lovelace was not only a brilliant mathematician and computer programmer before it was a thing, but she also has a great sense of humor and a delightful personality. Her father was Lord Byron and she was at the pinnacle of culture in her time, she’s would liven up any party! So, if you’re looking for a fun and intelligent dinner conversation, Ada Lovelace is definitely the best choice.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is a great choice for several reasons. Not only was he a renowned naturalist and scientist, but he also had a passion for food and conversation. Darwin was known for being an enthusiastic eater, keeping detailed lists of all the meals he ate, from the mundane to the exotic. He ate all his discoveries and more! He had a wide range of tastes, enjoying everything from British classics like steak and kidneys to more unusual dishes like kangaroo, owl and platypus.

Darwin’s groundbreaking theories on evolution and natural history would keep the conversation flowing. His works, including The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man, have become cornerstones in evolutionary biology, shedding light on aspects of natural history and the development of different species.


Cleopatra was an ambitious and powerful ruler of Ancient Egypt. She was known for her beauty, intellect, (and taking baths). She was an articulate woman who was extremely knowledgeable and interested in the world around her, making her the perfect dinner guest to spark conversations.

As Pharaoh, Cleopatra would have had access to the finest food and drink in Ancient Egypt. Your cooking skills had better be up to scratch!

With her knowledge, intelligence, wit, and charm, there would be no shortage of stories to share.

In addition to her conversational skills, Cleopatra achieved a lot in her short life. After inheriting the throne of Egypt, she was able to successfully expand the kingdom’s borders, increasing Egypt’s wealth and influence. She was also responsible for the construction of many great monuments, such as the rebuilding of the Library of Alexandria.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor, painter, engineer, and mathematician. His larger-than-life personality and achievements would make him your ideal dinner guest. He had a curious and inquisitive nature, charming personality, and a sense of humor that would guarantee lively and stimulating dinner conversation.

Leonardo was known for his love of animals. He was rumored to be vegetarian and against cruelty to animals. We will never know for sure if he was a vegan or vegetarian but we do know that he felt for animals long before it became fashionable.

His inventions ranged from flying machines to submarines, and he was the first to develop the concept of flight. He also made great contributions to the fields of engineering and mathematics, and his works continue to influence modern science and technology.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a true pioneer in the field of science, and had a passion for scientific exploration. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, not once but twice! She won Nobel Prizes in two different scientific fields: physics and chemistry.

Her work laid the foundation for the development of many technologies we take for granted today, and her achievements have had a lasting influence on the world.

Not only was Marie Curie a brilliant scientist, but she was also a remarkable woman. Her intelligence, enthusiasm, and curiosity about the world would make for truly interesting conversations. Her life story and inspiring personality would captivate anyone at the dinner table.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was a legendary jazz musician, actor, and civil rights advocate. He would be the life and soul (literally) of any party. His infectious smile, good-natured humor, and willingness to laugh at himself made him an iconic figure in American culture. He was a natural storyteller, regaling guests with tales of his travels around the world as a jazz musician.

Louis’s passion for music and culture would make for an unforgettable evening. His achievements as one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time, his virtuosity on the trumpet and the cornet, and his commitment to making the world a better place are all topics of discussion that would inspire anyone.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I, for which the Eliizabethan era was named, was one of the most influential monarchs in the history of Britain. She would make a great dinner guest. Her love of fine dining and engaging personality, would keep the conversation light and entertaining. Her sharp intellect and astute observations never failed to impress her dinner guests in her time.

Queen Elizabeth I was a remarkable leader, highly intelligent and astute. Her passionate views on religion, politics, and the arts were highly respected. Either that or end up in the Tower!

As the first female monarch to take the throne, her reign lasted for 44 years.

Whoever you get from this quiz, you won’t go far wrong! These are some of the most brilliant people in history. They would liven up any party, dinner or a good old knees up!

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