Don’t mention the Olymp***

Untitled 1We live in a capitalist society in the middle of the worst recession in 50 years yet officials are stopping small and medium sized businesses from profiting from one of the biggest events to hit Britain in donkey’s years. One that is supposed to promote fair play, gamesmanship and achievement.

If you work in an Olymp** area (which probably is classed by the whole of the UK now!) then you are not allowed to advertise your wares while mentioning the games. You are forbidden to say certain words or show related symbols. A ludicrous example is the baker who placed six bagels in a well known ring formation. A pub also was told to stop advertising a competition for tickets.

Don’t get me wrong I like living in a capitalist society, it allows me to create and sell books but when a centuries old symbol is hijacked by big business (when they don’t really need the help small busineses do) then something is wrong. If you are going to go capitalist on that sort of thing – go capitalist. Let the market do its thang.

I would be happy if the official sponsrs had the rule that they could only put official sponsor on their products or that they would be the only companies allowed to advertise on television but what is happening just beggars belief.

I for one, during the Olym**** will be boycotting all official Olym**** sponsors between the starting and ending ceremonies, then I’ll go stuffing my face full of unhealthy goodies sold by official sponsors (fizzy drinks, chocolate and burgers). Water is healthier than my favourite black elixihir and I’ve always preferred Burger King anyway.

I will return to my favourite purchases when the Games end – that is if the alternatives I find are not more to my liking. Silver lining and all that.

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