Darkness Rising: the fifth cover from the awesome epic fantasy series

Ross Kitson Five Darkness RisingI don’t make a lot of covers for other people, I tend to do just my own but there are sometimes books so good that I can’t resist helping to make those books come alive.

I’ve made five book covers for the Darkness Rising Series, you can see them above but my favourite by far at the moment is the last one – Broken. The brooding background matched by the character (which Ross picked), tickled my imagination and I just had to do it. I used the same fonts and design as the others to make the new book ‘gel’ with the others. I hope you agree, Ross has an eye for what works, I just put it together.

You can find all books written by Ross at Amazon and all good bookstores but if you want to go directly to Amazon, click the blatant advert for one of my favourite authors below:

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