Birds are now breaching copyright law…

Skies 0073…according to a media company…

Slashdot has been abuzz with the news that a nature video enthusiast was accused of ‘borrowing’ copyrighted sounds and putting them on his video.

It turns out the media company actually meant the birdsong. The uploader claims that the video was taken in the wilderness and the sounds were all natural birdsong.

Youtube (from reports on Slashdot) then disputed the video and it was claimed that the video was confirmed to have violated some copyright. As a result, adverts would be put on said video and the proceeds would go to the copyright owner.

This can only mean that all birds are thieving varmints and we should round them up and put them in some sort of bird jail lest they trick some other unwary nature lover into recording their song and perpetuating this heinous copyright theft. What other animals are stealing our sounds? Will we have to put whales in an underwater jail? I mean I have heard recorded whale song, this means that anytime a whale communicates to another whale they should be paying some sort of royalty to the whale song recorders. They could pay in fish?

How dare our feathered friends steal our music. It’s copyright theft now but if they get away with it who knows what will happen next? They will be taking our homes and Alfred Hitchcocks’ The Birds will become reality. We cannot let this happen!


In other bird news, a council in Devon (UK) has cut down a copse of trees to stop starlings from settling there. Apparently their droppings are poisonous and rather than respect the right of birds to nestle in trees we should evict them in case some idiot decides to eat their droppings.

The world is going mad.

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