About Ceri Clark

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Ceri Clark is an author currently living in Wales. She writes fantasy novels, technology guides, colouring books as well as password books and journals.

She is happily married with an adorable son who keeps her busy. While she tries to keep up-to-date with emails, her writing always gets in the way, sorry email subscribers!

Her books include:

  • Simpler Guides on Drive, Gmail, Calibre and more
  • A Regency fashion colouring book as well as three fish colouring books
  • The Minkie Monster Series, currently three picture books with puzzles suitable for preschoolers and
  • Password books. There are designs for every taste. If you want a secret password book which does not look like a password book. Then check these out. Feel free to contact me if there is a design you would like available. I am more than happy to make new ones!

Browse this site for her latest books or check out her blog posts about life, the universe and everything!