A Simpler Guide to Gmail: Getting the most out of Google’s free email [Kindle Edition]

SimplerGuidesmallThis book is now out of date! Please see the Second Edition.


A Simpler Guide to Gmail is now available as a download from Amazon.

A Simpler Guide to Gmail is a straightforward no-nonsense approach to a how-to guide for setting up your Gmail account. From opening the account, sending email to the more advanced features including Buzz, Chat and Labs.

The Chapters included are:

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Getting Started
Chapter Three: Sending and Receiving Emails
Chapter Four: Address Book (Google Contacts)
Chapter Five: Sorting Emails – No more folders
Chapter Six: Searching for Emails
Chapter Seven: Changing the look and feel
Chapter Eight: Google Accounts and your profile
Chapter Nine: Buzz
Chapter Ten: Chat
Chapter Eleven: Tasks
Chapter Twelve: Netiquette
Chapter Thirteen: Gmail on your Android Phone
Chapter Fourteen: Advanced Features – Google Labs

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