3 Fun & Unique Outdoor Party Game Ideas for Kids

Ah, childhood. Home to many different festive occasions, from Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, school concerts, to other school events. There are, of course, birthday parties too. All these are important events that create great childhood memories for your youngster. Naturally, not just any birthday party will do. In order for it to be a fun event for everyone involved, you also need to have a whole host of great games for everyone to play. Consider some of these suggestions for great games:

Find the Gummy Bears

One really unique game that your kids will have great fun playing would be to find the gummy bears. Part of the appeal of this game would be the fact that it is hilariously funny and messy, two things that all kids love. First of all, you need to gather up your materials, which will be either canned whipped cream or cool whip, gummy bears, and a plate for each of the participants.

The object of the game is to retrieve three gummy bears hidden within a mountain of whipped cream on that plate. The twist is this: the use of hands are not allowed! This is one of the reasons why your party-going kids will enjoy it so much. It’s also a great game where you won’t have to mess with too much safety equipment.

Source: Party Game Central

Archery Tag

In order to have your kids play archery tag, the first thing you need to do is acquire some foam tipped arrows that can be fired like real bows and arrows. The materials are definitely safe for indoors and outdoors, safety equipment isn’t required but can be used, and the bow and arrows can be used in a number of different games. For example, your kids can play in a dodgeball-style tournament, with a full round lasting only 8 minutes. Thus, the game can be played quickly, and cleanup is a breeze.

Source: Hop N Party

Balloon Stomp

Balloon Stomp is a fun game where your kids basically have to stomp their way to victory. You attach two balloons to each child and tie them with a string. After that, the game is similar to musical chairs as the children walk around in a circle. However, it gets really fun when the music stops. They then have to try to stomp their friends’ balloons. This is definitely a game that will get the kids moving, laughing, and generally just having a great time.

Source: Push2Play

These games all have a number of advantages that they bring to the table. Each one of them is sure to evoke fond memories for each of the young participants!

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